BMX Freestyle Professional Rider & Photographer

El Poder de la Bike Vol.4 / Lima, Peru

Just came back from Lima, Peru, where I organized together with my friend @SEIMIEK the 4th edition of ” EL Poder de la Bike” BMX Freesytle art exhibition and bmx flatland show. This time we got the chance to use a huge basement in the heart of Miraflores in Lima. Between Graffiti, Street Photography and BMX, we showed our collaborations with local Artists: @RADIO @POHYO @NAJART @CHEKA @RINKE and also did a BMX Flatland show with the homies @djthomasyoung @MCRichiman & @Leibnizmen. Have a look to the Gallery and the video!

Thanks again to all the people & sponsors, who made this event possible in Peru.

G-SHOCK, TNSR, Wildschnitt,DJ Expressions,Piscos Marquez, Arte Manifiesto, Movement Surf & Cafe.

Gallery by SISMO (Fernando Contreras)

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