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Street Photography “Govi “Sunglasses Campaign

This Summer we have produced with Wildschnitt, a street Photography’s series for the campaign of GOVI Sunglasses from Hong Kong. It was a pleasure for us to produce the campaign on the streets of Berlin with local Models of urban sports like BMX Freestyle, Parcour & Street Dance. Here a couple of shots around the City. Don’t hesitate to contact us for your next Photography & Film Project!


© Camilo Gutierrez / Wildschnitt

Naro Matsigenka Book – Film Documentary

Since a few years I got involved in the production of a Film Documentary about Peruvian Communities in the jungle of south America . As a part of the team, that have visited the natural reserve in south east peru, in the region of Cusco. I got the chance to visit and experience how the people live in the middle of the Jungle, with out a road or any other kind of communication, the only connection is through the river, and the multiple affluents.

The Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, was running a huge research about the use of the natural resources in the jungle of Peru by the Matsigenka community, during the last 5 years. The scientific work and design of the research was made by University teacher Martha Rodriguez. Together with her team, they have visited periodically the different areas around Cusco region, to collect as much information they could. I joined the crew the last years of the project to film a documentary and take pictures for their upcoming book. After the travel phase, we got the commission to produce together with Wildschnitt Film & Photography the design of the book and organize more than 6000 pictures taken by the communities through 5 years. It was a long and hard work, but it paid off. I’m really glad to have the chance to produce such a interesting and important book for the university.

From this Month you can find the book at the university’s library & for buy it, pls go to bookstore ” El Virrey” in Lima, Peru.



Titel: Naro Matsigenka,  Territorio, Comunidad y Acceso a los recursos de la Biodiversidad

Author: Martha Rodriguez 

Graphic Design: Masaki Gaya

Production: Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Image design & Photography Edition: Camilo Gutierrez

Film Documentary ” Naro Matsigenka”  Yo soy Matsigenka: Camilo Gutierrez – Wildschnitt Film & Photography

ISBN: 978-612-4355-00-4

Copyright © CISEPA – PUCP



Change Sport – Report BMX School Project

The platform CHANGE SPORT from Frankfurt am Main published a report about the BMX SCHOOL project, that I’m doing since last year in / from my neighborhood in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Really glad to see, how the project has been developed in the last months. From Workshops at the Old Airport in Tempelhof to a Kid’s parade at Kinder Karnaval der Kulturen last June. 

Thanks to all the persons, friends & supporters of this project. #integrationdurch 

Click the image to read it 🙂


Last month I got the chance to film a video in one of the driest and most wonderful landscapes in the world. Since a couple of years I had the idea to shot bmx freestyle in the desert of Peru, but didn’t find the possibility to do it in a proper way. The surface and landscape of this part of the World has something that is difficult to be recognized from a normal perspective, so I decided to offer a Camera Operator from Canada, Dan Buchanan,  the possibility to work together this project, and use his skills with the drone operation to get a better point of view of the multiple surfaces and catch also the immensity of the place. So, we headed  300 Km south of Lima, in the region of Ica. The place is well known for having one of the biggest dunes in the South America. People usually visit this place to do Windsurf or Parachuting, for his strong wind and closeness to the Ocean.

We spent a couple of days in the desert of Ica Region with temperatures around 38 degrees during the day. It wasn’t the easiest to find a proper flat or a rideable surface, but we’ve managed to find some interesting Spots. Even, the road made of Alphalt was destroyed for the highest temperatures and salty wind, who comes from the Pacific Ocean. Have a look to our final edit. We are more than Happy with the final result, THANKS a lot to the persons and sponsors, who made this project possible!


Direction & Edit: Camilo Gutierrez

Camera Operator: Dan Buchanan

Music: Marc Hönninger

Production: © Wildschnitt


VIDEOS: 720p & 1080p





BMX School Berlin Workshops 2017


As part of the BMX SCHOOL BERLIN projects, I’m running workshops in German, English or even spanish for the Kids of the city. Feel free to join one the lessons and have fun together with more kids of different parts of Berlin. #integrationdurchsport

For more infos & updates visit BMX SCHOOL BERLIN facebook page

Thanks for the support to QM Mehringplatz , Flairbmx Berlin, Wildschnitt Film & Photography & Berlin City.


A few months ago in Berlin, I was invited to perform and teach BMX Freestyle to a group of refugees children at the old airport in Tempelhof. During 2 Months I got in contact with Kids from different ages and nationalities, who scaped from their countries, because of the war. Most of them came without parents or family. So, It was challenge for me to do this project once a week inside a Huge Airplane’s Hangar.
The pleasure to ride inside this historical place, got me motivated, to drive over there during Winter days and spend some hours with the Kids. I was really glad to see how they have been developed their skills of perseverance and concentration, just for the pleasure to ride a Bicycle and learn! This project was possible with the support of KMA e.V Berlin.

Stay Tuned for more projects of the BMX School Berlin

Video by © Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Wildschnitt Video Compilation 2k17

© Wildschnitt
We have been working on different film & Video Projects related to sports, commercials, documentary and more.
We just did a small compilation of some of our work & personal projects.
Feel free to contact us for your next project:

Berlin, Germany

El Poder de la Bike Vol.4 / Lima, Peru

Just came back from Lima, Peru, where I organized together with my friend @SEIMIEK the 4th edition of ” EL Poder de la Bike” BMX Freesytle art exhibition and bmx flatland show. This time we got the chance to use a huge basement in the heart of Miraflores in Lima. Between Graffiti, Street Photography and BMX, we showed our collaborations with local Artists: @RADIO @POHYO @NAJART @CHEKA @RINKE and also did a BMX Flatland show with the homies @djthomasyoung @MCRichiman & @Leibnizmen. Have a look to the Gallery and the video!

Thanks again to all the people & sponsors, who made this event possible in Peru.

G-SHOCK, TNSR, Wildschnitt,DJ Expressions,Piscos Marquez, Arte Manifiesto, Movement Surf & Cafe.

Gallery by SISMO (Fernando Contreras)

Casio G-SHOCK / Berlin / BMX Flatland

During the Summer in Berlin, we’ve filmed a new video for Casio G-SHOCK, from Peru, Latin America.
We went to many locations in Kreuzberg- Friedrichshain & Mitte to catch the flavor of the city and have a better approach to the urban scene.

Have a look to the final result!

A film by © Wildschnitt

Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger

BMX School Berlin – © Integration durch Sport

BMX School Berlin, © Integration durch Sport.

Last week I got the chance to do a show & workshop for the community and kids of our neighborhood in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This is a new project, that seeks to bring together the youth of our city through the sport.
Under the coach of bmx professional riders, the youth who take part of this project could also develop their skills like creativity, self confidence, discipline & progression, and of course, the most important thing, feel the freedom to ride a bike. This project has been possible under the support of the QM of Berlin & KMA Kreuzberg.

Have a look to the Project:

Thanks also to all the sponsors and friends. High lights video by Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Light Painting – Berlin

While in Berlin for the IFA,  I met once again the Light painter artist Roy Wang from Beijing, China.  We are always looking for new technics and concepts to develop new projects. This time we went for a bike night ride to show him some of the urban places in the city and we visit and shot together with the Berlin Light painting Crew ” Aurora movement”, Mafu and Sven Gerard. Good Times between photographers and a BMX.

Have a look to a couple of pictures we made with the new Z11 of Nubia Smartphone on the street locations and the work at the Studio with the crew.

Thanks for a nice collaboration and the support, Stay tuned !

Camilo Gutierrez

© Roy Wang / Camilo Gutierrez

Camilo Gutierrez

© Sven Gerard / Camilo Gutierrez



Bike Paint Brush

A new collaboration artwork in Berlin, but this time with friend and urban artist WESR. The concept is based in the idea, that for a bmx flatland rider, the floor is like a canvas, and the bike the paint brush. So, as a Rider, the mission is to express creativity on it. Literally we put the idea at work and developed the concept.
The first time in 2004, I have used a big surface as a canvas, for an art school project in Lima. This time we’ve used a square piece of wood as a canvas and put some color on my tires! After this first part, Wesr took the canvas to his studio and put together some creativity to complete the Artwork.
The positive thing, is that this project continue developing itself, with fresh ideas and new collaborations.
Have a look to the final result!

Articles: Rider Post, France, BMXUnion, USA, Diary Trome, Peru

Social Media: Facebook video

Film Credits: © Wildschnitt

Direction: Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger
Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez





Eurotrip DK / DE / HR 2016

Just came back from a 2 weeks tour around Denmark, Germany and Croatia, where I got the chance to perform BMX Flatland shows, competitions and film for a new summer Video in Europe. Really exhausted after all those 6000km by car, ship, train, planes, bikes…Good times with my team friends and partners Waldemar Fatkin & Stephan Kornely from Koblenz. On the road in North Europe, I got the mission to document the trip with some pictures for the next Issue of BMX Rider Magazine, that will published from 3rd August 2016 in Germany & german speaking countries: Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland & Italy.

Camilo Gutierrez

More material is coming in the next weeks, enjoy the Summer 🙂 Thanks to all the people & sponsors for the great support: BMX Butikken, SIBMX, Wethepeoplebmx, Flairbmx Berlin, G-SHOCK, Nubia Mobile, KROM Kendama, Wildschnitt.

Camilo Gutierrez



the trailer and full video by Wildschnitt about the road trip in Denmark!


China 2016: BMX Freestyle shows & workshops

Last Month I had the opportunity to come back to China to perform BMX Shows at one of the biggest trade shows for bicycles in Asia. 5 days of bicycle Industry action with thousand of visitors, sportsmen, businessmen, etc. I’ve stayed for a few days more to perform a show & workshop at one of the German – Chinese High school in Shanghai. Really glad to have the chance to present bmx freestyle as a Sport, lifestyle and the experience through the years in the sport in German!


Camilo Gutierrez

Camilo Gutierrez

Photo credits: © Nel Chan / © Wildschnitt



After Shanghai, I’ve headed 1100km north to Beijing, the Impressive capital of this beautiful and huge country.

China is always a special place to visit, it seems to be isolated of the whole world, but once you are inside, the planet “China” starts to impress you like never ever.

Have a look to the gallery of The Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Jinshanling.



New Bike set up We The People #utopia

Just came back from a trip in Latin America and got the chance to built up a new Bike set up for the season 2016 in Berlin.
Thanks a lot to Flairbmx Berlin Shop, Sibmx, We the people BMX, Moto Bicycles innovations and my good friend Waldemar Fatkin.

Have a look to the Gallery
Pics by © Wildschnitt


BMX Rider Magazine Interview Online Berlin, Germany

BMX Rider magazine from Germany recently uploaded the Interview we did last Summer in Berlin. Really thankful to have this opportunity to talk about what is going on with my projects in the bmx scene, Berlin, Peru,  Photography & Video, travels… It has been 8 years since I’ve arrived in Berlin, Germany. Times flies!

Have a look to the Gallery, we’ve made together with  German Photographer Markus Braumann in East and West side of the city.



G-SHOCK Bmx & Skateboarding event in Peru 2016

Few weeks ago I got the chance to flight back to Lima, Peru to help to organize together with Casio G-SHOCK Peru a BMX Demo and a skateboarding best trick contest.

40km south from Lima in Punta Hermosa, a beach residence area, was the place to show both disciplines at the local skatepark. Kids and young people came all over to compete for the Skate best trick contest and also see the BMX Flatland demo, I put together with local riders. For 3rd time, Dj Thomas Young and Urban Artist Seimiek came to be part of the event, and did nice performances with djing & Graffiti live respectively.

Thanks a lot to Casio G-SHOCK & Watch Boutique for the nice support to the extreme sport in Peru. The team is high skills level in surf, mtb, sk8 and bmx. Click here to watch TEAM Video!

G-SHOCK PERU Team 2016 teaser from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

The event was also supported by:

Redbull Peru, New Era, Osiris, Slide Skateboarding, Grind Magazine.

See the Gallery made by Slide Skateboarding magazine / Fernado Contreras


Hong Kong – China Tour Video


“After a turbulent year with travels, shows and contests together around the world. Waldemar and Camilo, two riders based in Koblenz and Berlin respectively in Germany , decided to hit the beautiful city of Hong Kong in China.
Here is the full result of an unforgettable bmx experience about hong kong life style, spots hunting, beautiful places and much more! Enjoy this bmx freestyle video and our journey through china’s richest and tightest city! ”

Thanks again to all the people, friends, family and sponsors who made this trip one of the best we have ever had! Stay tuned for our new projects.

“Strassenkindern” Video Series

„Strassenkindern“ is the german word for „ Street Kids“, mostly it has not a positive meaning between the people, but for us it represents a lot. Our sport use the streets and develops it on the urban space, and we also ride on 20 inch bikes like Kids!

This video series has begun in 2014 in Japan, after I left together with my team colleague Waldemar Fatkin our 6 years Bike’s sponsor. The situation wasn’t the best, so the name of this video series represents ironically the situation we should face during the next months after our final decision. We have never thought, that this decision pushed us a lot to develop our own projects to continue with our passion for BMX Freestyle… We love BMX!

Check also previous videos in Japan and Scandinavia


Monster Bike in Berlin

During the last summer in Berlin, I’ve joined forces with urban artists Jose Urteaga “Naf” and “Mekki” of “Detonador” Theater group from Lima, Peru to build up a new XXL bike. They came to Berlin in July to perform the exhibition ” Ich bin Latiner” together with latin american artists at Neurotitan Gallery im Haus Schwarzenberg in Mitte. As part of the Exhibition, we’ve worked together for a week at the Dead Chicken’s group Atelier in Mitte to build up a new XXL Monster bike! Made of 100% Recycle Bike parts from the Berlin’s streets.

Thanks to all friends and colleagues for the help to finish this Machine, good vibes!

Have a look to the Ride throughout Berlin’s streets.

Asia Tour 2015

We are currently on the road in Asia Continent for BMX Action.  Back in the concrete jungle! We will ride the World Championship in Kobe, Japan and then cross the sea to China, specifically, we will shoot in Hong Kong for our new video project with Wildschnitt. Our stops:  Japan: Osaka, Kobe  / China: Hong Kong

Thanks to all the Sponsors, Friends and Colleagues, who make this Tour possible! Again together with good friend Waldemar Fatkin on the streets, C u at your Spot!


Photo by: Wildschnitt

Location: Hong Kong, China

Camilo Gutierrez

Photo by: Moya

Location: Kobe, Japan


Strassenkindern in Scandinavia Tour 2015

During the summer in europe, we’ve gotten the chance to visit Scandinavia for second year, but this time with team homie Waldemar fatkin. We’ve crossed the Baltic sea to arrive in Denmark. Once there,  performed two bmx flatland shows in Copenhagen and Roskilde, at the Festival. After this first stop we continued to Sweden, cross the bridge and arrived in Malmö, nice city on the coast! After 10 days on the road, we drove back to Berlin with a ton of good and intense memories!

Full Report and Photo gallery at BMX rider magazine, Germany.

Have a look to the video, powered by Sport Import Distribution from Germany.

Thanks for the support!



Strassenkindern in Scandinavia – SIBMX from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Anaconda Artwork by Seimiek


Urban artist and friend “Seimiek” from Lima, Peru painted during the Peruvian summer the final version of his artworks on my bmx flatland frame. This time he has been influenced by the Peruvian Jungle and its animals.

The ANACONDA represents for us in Peru a powerful animal that dominates the rivers in the deep Amazon.

During the last three years he has painted “The Blitz” and “Lima in Flammen” artworks. Amazing job ! Muchas Gracias

IFA 2015 BMX Show in Berlin, Germany

Good times representing BMX Freestyle at the IFA 15 in Berlin. Once again got the chance to perform together with good friend Waldemar Fatkin, this time in my hometown at one of the biggest Innovation & Technology trade shows in Europe. Click here to watch the highlight Video!

Contact us for your next show! BMX show booking

Camilo Gutierrez

Camilo Gutierrez


IFA Berlin, Germany BMX Flatland Show from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Encounter bmx magazine Japan

Encounter bmx magazine from Japan just published their latest Summer Issue. Got an Article about the bmx / photo  road trips of last months. Glad to have the chance to share my pictures and thoughts in Japanese. You can find the magazine under this site: Encounter bmx magazine 


Camilo Gutierrez Photography