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A few months ago in Berlin, I was invited to perform and teach BMX Freestyle to a group of refugees children at the old airport in Tempelhof. During 2 Months I got in contact with Kids from different ages and nationalities, who scaped from their countries, because of the war. Most of them came without parents or family. So, It was challenge for me to do this project once a week inside a Huge Airplane’s Hangar.
The pleasure to ride inside this historical place, got me motivated, to drive over there during Winter days and spend some hours with the Kids. I was really glad to see how they have been developed their skills of perseverance and concentration, just for the pleasure to ride a Bicycle and learn! This project was possible with the support of KMA e.V Berlin.

Stay Tuned for more projects of the BMX School Berlin

Video by © Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Casio G-SHOCK / Berlin / BMX Flatland

During the Summer in Berlin, we’ve filmed a new video for Casio G-SHOCK, from Peru, Latin America.
We went to many locations in Kreuzberg- Friedrichshain & Mitte to catch the flavor of the city and have a better approach to the urban scene.

Have a look to the final result!

A film by © Wildschnitt

Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger

Bike Paint Brush

A new collaboration artwork in Berlin, but this time with friend and urban artist WESR. The concept is based in the idea, that for a bmx flatland rider, the floor is like a canvas, and the bike the paint brush. So, as a Rider, the mission is to express creativity on it. Literally we put the idea at work and developed the concept.
The first time in 2004, I have used a big surface as a canvas, for an art school project in Lima. This time we’ve used a square piece of wood as a canvas and put some color on my tires! After this first part, Wesr took the canvas to his studio and put together some creativity to complete the Artwork.
The positive thing, is that this project continue developing itself, with fresh ideas and new collaborations.
Have a look to the final result!

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Film Credits: © Wildschnitt

Direction: Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger
Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez





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Together with team Autum Bicycle riders, we got a nice double page advertisement at CASIO G-SHOCK’s 30th anniversary Catalog 2013 in Germany.

Check more stuff at G-SHOCK site and some videos at Wildschnitt youtube channel!

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Camilo Gutierrez BMX PRO Rider