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BMX School Berlin Workshops 2017


As part of the BMX SCHOOL BERLIN projects, I’m running workshops in German, English or even spanish for the Kids of the city. Feel free to join one the lessons and have fun together with more kids of different parts of Berlin. #integrationdurchsport

For more infos & updates visit BMX SCHOOL BERLIN facebook page

Thanks for the support to QM Mehringplatz , Flairbmx Berlin, Wildschnitt Film & Photography & Berlin City.

Wildschnitt Video Compilation 2k17

© Wildschnitt
We have been working on different film & Video Projects related to sports, commercials, documentary and more.
We just did a small compilation of some of our work & personal projects.
Feel free to contact us for your next project:

Berlin, Germany

Bike Paint Brush

A new collaboration artwork in Berlin, but this time with friend and urban artist WESR. The concept is based in the idea, that for a bmx flatland rider, the floor is like a canvas, and the bike the paint brush. So, as a Rider, the mission is to express creativity on it. Literally we put the idea at work and developed the concept.
The first time in 2004, I have used a big surface as a canvas, for an art school project in Lima. This time we’ve used a square piece of wood as a canvas and put some color on my tires! After this first part, Wesr took the canvas to his studio and put together some creativity to complete the Artwork.
The positive thing, is that this project continue developing itself, with fresh ideas and new collaborations.
Have a look to the final result!

Articles: Rider Post, France, BMXUnion, USA, Diary Trome, Peru

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Film Credits: © Wildschnitt

Direction: Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger
Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez





Monster Bike in Berlin

During the last summer in Berlin, I’ve joined forces with urban artists Jose Urteaga “Naf” and “Mekki” of “Detonador” Theater group from Lima, Peru to build up a new XXL bike. They came to Berlin in July to perform the exhibition ” Ich bin Latiner” together with latin american artists at Neurotitan Gallery im Haus Schwarzenberg in Mitte. As part of the Exhibition, we’ve worked together for a week at the Dead Chicken’s group Atelier in Mitte to build up a new XXL Monster bike! Made of 100% Recycle Bike parts from the Berlin’s streets.

Thanks to all friends and colleagues for the help to finish this Machine, good vibes!

Have a look to the Ride throughout Berlin’s streets.

Encounter bmx magazine Japan

Encounter bmx magazine from Japan just published their latest Summer Issue. Got an Article about the bmx / photo  road trips of last months. Glad to have the chance to share my pictures and thoughts in Japanese. You can find the magazine under this site: Encounter bmx magazine 


Camilo Gutierrez Photography

Roskilde Festival, Denmark

We have recently visited Denmark with good friends Waldemar Fatkin (Germany) and Viki Gomez (Spain) to perform bmx flatland at one of the biggest Music festivals in Scandinavia. Roskilde Festival was a blast! We did a 45 minutes Jam session between us, and the result was happy Danish people.
Thanks for the invitation. Have a look to the Photo gallery by Red bull Denmark and  the video by Wildschnitt.