BMX Freestyle Professional Rider & Photographer

Urban Space

Architecture Project

“La Residencial San Felipe”


Camilo Gutierrez Rodriguez - Photography

The Metropolis is the open territory where oneself gets into in his/her own way, with or without maps, in an exploration which essentially reveals the effects, the devotions, the sleeplessness, the obsessions, and the personal encounters. An urban vision is something oneself always expresses from a position of sensitivities crossroads where he/she is nailed across when looking at what is in front of the eyes. The Metropolis gives off facets that turn to be highly malleable, from which images emerge non-stopping if oneself knows how to treat them.
This Project intervenes a habitable space: La Residencial San Felipe, in Lima, Peru and considers it as a universe within a large city.Through it, there a is search for providing preponderance to the inanimate objects, creating through photograph a micro cosmos of design and architecture, almost imperceptible during daylight but with identity and animate life during nights.

“Camilo Gutiérrez seeks for the transformation of an architectural space forcefully designed as a family living space, through the induced vision beneath the nocturnal sky. The possibilities of making emerge from each block of apartments, from each esplanade, from each threshold, a strangely clean and powerfully dreamt of presence, as a tomorrow’s utopia, makes crucial sense in terms of a visual construction project.”

Jorge Villacorta, Art critic. Lima, Peru.