BMX Freestyle Professional Rider & Photographer




Camilo Gutierrez Rodriguez - Photography
Camilo Gutierrez is a BMX Freestyle Professional Rider and Photographer from Lima, Peru. 
He studied Photography at the Kodak Americas Academy and the Centro de la Imagen Institute in Lima. 
From which he graduated with the thesis: "Appropriation of Urban space through the BMX Freestyle". 
He has participated in individual and collective photo exhibitions, Film Festivals, worked as freelance 
Photographer / Filmmaker in the area of Sports, Documentary and Commercial.

As BMX Freestyle Rider, Camilo Gutierrez is known for his style and competitive prowess. He has been involved in the sport for more than 16 years. His approach to BMX Freestyle came for his relation with the Urban movement in Lima in the 90’s. Since 2003, Camilo competes Internationally. He has been invited to several Competitions, Shows and Tours Worldwide. 

Since 8 years ago, he is based in Berlin, Germany, where he develops his BMX career together with his profession as Photographer/Filmmaker. Visit also his film project:  Wildschnitt.