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Photography Exhibition Lima – Peru 2014

“Appropriation of Urban space through the BMX Freestyle”

During this Summer in Peru I have gotten the chance to organize a Photography Exhibition in Lima. The Project was based in my Photography Thesis, including images of BMX Freestyle and Urban pictures. The Exhibition was held at Bruno Gallery in Miraflores, from 12.02.14 to 20.02.2014. Together with good friends: urban Artist SeimiekDj Thomas Young and Irene Rojas Erlenbach from Wildschnitt, we have put together Graffiti, Dj performance and Video projection for the Vernissage. Also designer Masaki Gaja made this nice Artwork for the Flyer, check it out!

cCamilo Gutierrez Rodriguez - Photography

The Exhibition attracted many people and we have gotten a good feedback, in a country, where BMX freestyle is not well know between citizens. Even a local newspaper “ La Republica” and other websites wrote about it. Check press release by Redbull, a nice  Photo Gallery made by Fernando Contreras / Slide Skateboarding, Seimiek and Wildschnitt. Thanks to all the people, that have visited the Exhibition, the Riders, and persons, who got involved in BMX Freestyle as a sport and lifestyle. 

List of Rider’s Image: Waldemar Fatkin(Ger), Jorge ” Viki” Gomez(Es), Matti Röse(Ger), Amaury Grea(Rd), Richie Estrella(Rd), Charles Paty(Fr), Mo-rich(Jp), Remy Dunoyer (Fr), Jorge Nazario(Pe).

Supported by:

Centro de la Imagen, Bruno Gallery, Pisco Cuatro Gallos, Wildschnitt, Autum Bicycles, Feelter, and Redbull Peru.



Wildschnitt URBAN Space from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

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