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Last month I got the chance to film a video in one of the driest and most wonderful landscapes in the world. Since a couple of years I had the idea to shot bmx freestyle in the desert of Peru, but didn’t find the possibility to do it in a proper way. The surface and landscape of this part of the World has something that is difficult to be recognized from a normal perspective, so I decided to offer a Camera Operator from Canada, Dan Buchanan,  the possibility to work together this project, and use his skills with the drone operation to get a better point of view of the multiple surfaces and catch also the immensity of the place. So, we headed  300 Km south of Lima, in the region of Ica. The place is well known for having one of the biggest dunes in the South America. People usually visit this place to do Windsurf or Parachuting, for his strong wind and closeness to the Ocean.

We spent a couple of days in the desert of Ica Region with temperatures around 38 degrees during the day. It wasn’t the easiest to find a proper flat or a rideable surface, but we’ve managed to find some interesting Spots. Even, the road made of Alphalt was destroyed for the highest temperatures and salty wind, who comes from the Pacific Ocean. Have a look to our final edit. We are more than Happy with the final result, THANKS a lot to the persons and sponsors, who made this project possible!


Direction & Edit: Camilo Gutierrez

Camera Operator: Dan Buchanan

Music: Marc Hönninger

Production: © Wildschnitt


VIDEOS: 720p & 1080p





Wildschnitt Video Compilation 2k17

© Wildschnitt
We have been working on different film & Video Projects related to sports, commercials, documentary and more.
We just did a small compilation of some of our work & personal projects.
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Berlin, Germany

Casio G-SHOCK / Berlin / BMX Flatland

During the Summer in Berlin, we’ve filmed a new video for Casio G-SHOCK, from Peru, Latin America.
We went to many locations in Kreuzberg- Friedrichshain & Mitte to catch the flavor of the city and have a better approach to the urban scene.

Have a look to the final result!

A film by © Wildschnitt

Camera: Irene Rojas Erlenbach, Camilo Gutierrez
Music: Marc Hönninger

BMX School Berlin – © Integration durch Sport

BMX School Berlin, © Integration durch Sport.

Last week I got the chance to do a show & workshop for the community and kids of our neighborhood in Kreuzberg, Berlin. This is a new project, that seeks to bring together the youth of our city through the sport.
Under the coach of bmx professional riders, the youth who take part of this project could also develop their skills like creativity, self confidence, discipline & progression, and of course, the most important thing, feel the freedom to ride a bike. This project has been possible under the support of the QM of Berlin & KMA Kreuzberg.

Have a look to the Project:

Thanks also to all the sponsors and friends. High lights video by Wildschnitt Film & Photography

Photography Exhibition Lima – Peru 2014

“Appropriation of Urban space through the BMX Freestyle”

During this Summer in Peru I have gotten the chance to organize a Photography Exhibition in Lima. The Project was based in my Photography Thesis, including images of BMX Freestyle and Urban pictures. The Exhibition was held at Bruno Gallery in Miraflores, from 12.02.14 to 20.02.2014. Together with good friends: urban Artist SeimiekDj Thomas Young and Irene Rojas Erlenbach from Wildschnitt, we have put together Graffiti, Dj performance and Video projection for the Vernissage. Also designer Masaki Gaja made this nice Artwork for the Flyer, check it out!

cCamilo Gutierrez Rodriguez - Photography

The Exhibition attracted many people and we have gotten a good feedback, in a country, where BMX freestyle is not well know between citizens. Even a local newspaper “ La Republica” and other websites wrote about it. Check press release by Redbull, a nice  Photo Gallery made by Fernando Contreras / Slide Skateboarding, Seimiek and Wildschnitt. Thanks to all the people, that have visited the Exhibition, the Riders, and persons, who got involved in BMX Freestyle as a sport and lifestyle. 

List of Rider’s Image: Waldemar Fatkin(Ger), Jorge ” Viki” Gomez(Es), Matti Röse(Ger), Amaury Grea(Rd), Richie Estrella(Rd), Charles Paty(Fr), Mo-rich(Jp), Remy Dunoyer (Fr), Jorge Nazario(Pe).

Supported by:

Centro de la Imagen, Bruno Gallery, Pisco Cuatro Gallos, Wildschnitt, Autum Bicycles, Feelter, and Redbull Peru.



Wildschnitt URBAN Space from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Nippon BMX Flatland

Sport Documentary

After my first trip to japan in 2010, I have got really impressed, how big and organized was the Flatland scene at that moment. For this time in 2013, I had the idea to film more and produce a longer video instead of the usual  clip of only tricks. We’ve decided together with Irene Rojas Erlenbach from Wildschnitt, to produce a short film documentary about the development of BMX Flatland Culture in Japan. That’s how I decided to stay a longer time, to get really involved in the scene. It was a really exiting and productive time over there. Just melting with japanese riders, showed me many things about their scene and the way of thinking they have to develop the sport all around the country.

Fortunately BMX riders Kotaro Tanaka and Hiroshi Uehara got really exited about the idea, so we started to film in many locations around Tokyo. We had also the opportunity to travel to Kobe and Sanda, where we met more local riders!

After these two trips, I have got a ton of material of riding, locations and so on. But for us as filmmakers, we wanted to know more about the development of BMX Flatland as sub-urban culture. We have prepared a questionary to Kotaro and Hiroshi, two of the main promoters of the sport in Japan. The thing was, if  we wanted something really original, we should have the interview in their own Language! Kotaro and Hiroshi managed to translate their speech to English for Global understanding, Arigato!

I hope this short film documentary not only helps Japanese scene, also it should help all of us: riders, promoters, brands, etc to understand that if we push together the sport, we will have in the future a stronger and healthier community! ONE LOVE BMX FLATLAND!

Thanks to all the people, who supported this project. We really had a good time editing during many days and hours this project, pushing ourselves to have the video as clean and interesting as possible!





Full Movie:

NIPPON BMX FLATLAND from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Lima in Flammen 2

After more than 30,000 km

All the way long from Japan, through Germany and Peru. The Frame finally came back to Berlin a few days ago for the High-End process. It means, that we have applied a solid compound of Glossy Clear Lacquer over the Artwork for a better durability. Normally this product is used to protect car parts…This time we will try it with some BMX Flatland Abuse! Have a look to the Gallery!

Photos by : © Wildschnitt

Xiǎo lún chē (BMX) Shanghai, China

Shanghai Adeventures

This year I have visited  Shanghai  for a few weeks to ride and got the chance to film some tricks around the City. Have a look to this edit made by Wildschnitt Film & Photography. BTW, A full Photo Report will follow in the next issue of BMX Rider Magazine from Germany. Stay Tuned!

Thanks to the brothers Wang from China and Robin Mahieux from France for their support in the riding filming.